Continuing education program

Inp is the reference point in the field of continuing education of heritage professionals.

With an annual catalogue programme of more than 75 sessions, Inp offers broad and regularly updated training that meet the needs of heritage professionals. It also takes into account requests from heritage institutions, public or private, for the organization of specific training.

Within the Institut méditerranéen des métiers du patrimoine (I2MP) in Marseille, and in partnership with MuCEM, Inp proposes selected thematic priorities to promote scientific and cultural exchanges with professionals from the Mediterranean basin.

Inp meets the expectations of heritage institutions by designing appropriate training courses with the skills and expertise of highly qualified stakeholders.

The programme is constantly being renewed and diversified with distance learning courses.

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Le laboratoire

The research laboratory

The research laboratory of the department of conservators participates actively in the initial training of students. All through the students

Galerie Colbert - Photo : Philippe Maffre

The institute

The National Heritage Institute is a higher education institution of the Ministry of Culture specializing in the training of heritage...

Elève au travail - Photo : Chloé Bernard / INP

Offres d'emploi

Mémoires et rapports d'étude