The institute

The National Heritage Institute is a higher education institution of the Ministry of Culture specializing in the training of heritage professionals.

It is unique in Europe in that it prepares for the professions of heritage curators and conservators, in Paris and Aubervilliers.

Each year, Inp organizes two competitive recruitment examinations and selects around 50 curator students and about 20 conservator students.

In addition to this initial training, Inp offers a catalogue programme of continuing training. With nearly 75 sessions and internships organized throughout France, these training sessions bring together nearly 1,200 participants per year.

Inp continues to develop its international collaboration through cross-exchanges of professionals and the development of cooperation programmes.

The National Heritage Institute is also a leading player in research and a forum for exchange and reflection on heritage issues.

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La galerie Colbert - Photo : INP

Initial training

The Institut national du patrimoine is an institute of higher education under the auspices of the French Ministry of Culture...

Formation continue sur le nettoyage des textiles à l'INP, photo d'Angèle Dequier, 2018

Continuing education program

Inp is the reference point in the field of continuing education of heritage professionals. With an annual catalogue programme of...

Elève au travail - Photo : Chloé Bernard / INP

Offres d'emploi

Mémoires et rapports d'étude