Le laboratoire

The research laboratory

The research laboratory of the department of conservators participates actively in the initial training of students. All through the students academic experience, the laboratory team provides them with the expertise to understand the materials used in the works to be restored (physics, chemistry, imaging).

Along with the teaching modules, the laboratory carries out analyses for students making it one of its main functions. The laboratory also backs multidisciplinary research projects and forms part of the network of laboratories specialized in the field of heritage.

To complete its functions successfully, the laboratory has, at its disposal, state-of-the-art scientific imaging equipment and microanalysis techniques guaranteeing a vast array of analytical approaches.

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Atelier de restauration de l'INP, photo de Chloé Bernard, 2022

Initial training of conservators

Admitted on a competitive basis, conservation-restoration students follow a five-year training programme which includes seven specialties : earthenware, graphic arts...

Formation continue sur le nettoyage des textiles à l'INP, photo d'Angèle Dequier, 2018

Continuing education program

Inp is the reference point in the field of continuing education of heritage professionals. With an annual catalogue programme of...

Elève au travail - Photo : Chloé Bernard / INP

Offres d'emploi

Mémoires et rapports d'étude