Public events and publication

The Inp is a place for reflection, discussion and exchange on heritage issues and the links these have with many contemporary topics: sustainable development, identity and interdependence, cultural democratization.

Composed of symposia, study days, conferences and research seminars, the programme is aimed at a broad range of audiences. Throughout the year, it brings together various speakers on topics related to current events in the field.

The magazine Patrimoines, published annually, offers a transversal approach to issues related to heritage conservation and restoration and highlights research carried out by students during their training period.

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Atelier de restauration de l'INP, photo de Chloé Bernard, 2022

Initial training of conservators

Admitted on a competitive basis, conservation-restoration students follow a five-year training programme which includes seven specialties : earthenware, graphic arts...

Elève au travail - Photo : Chloé Bernard / INP

Offres d'emploi

Mémoires et rapports d'étude