Initial training of conservators

Admitted on a competitive basis, conservation-restoration students follow a five-year training programme which includes seven specialties : earthenware, graphic arts and books, textile arts, furniture, painting, photography and sculpture.

In Aubervilliers, the department of conservators with its well-equipped workshops, provide optimal learning conditions. Here, students can work on unique and original works entrusted by numerous heritage institutions.

Theoretical and practical teaching, internships in professional environments and field-schools in France and abroad, prepare future heritage conservators for a profession that combines manual skills, scientific knowledge and ethical practice.

The fifth and final year of training is devoted to research and restoration work that leads to the preparation of a thesis and oral examination. Conferred with a master's degree, this diploma in conservation-restoration is essential to be entitled to work on public collections.

A second competitive examination permits students to integrate the conservation-restoration training programme directly in second, third or fourth year. Finally, with the VAE (Validation of Prior Experience), professionals wishing to obtain the conservationrestoration diploma can submit their application each year to the Inp.

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Formation continue sur le nettoyage des textiles à l'INP, photo d'Angèle Dequier, 2018

Continuing education program

Inp is the reference point in the field of continuing education of heritage professionals. With an annual catalogue programme of...

Elève au travail - Photo : Chloé Bernard / INP

Offres d'emploi

Mémoires et rapports d'étude